Cocktail Calorie Countdown


It’s a time-honored tradition to ring in the New Year with a champagne toast, but you might also be planning to have a cocktail before the clock strikes 12. If so, don’t forget that alcohol-containing beverages supply calories but few nutrients. In fact, alcohol provides nearly twice as many calories per gram as carbs and protein do (7 versus 4 calories) and almost as many as fat (9 calories per gram). Plus, alcohol can have a disinhibiting effect on appetite control, so drinking before or during a meal may lead you to overeat and possibly make less healthful choices.

The chart below, with information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), provides a rough idea of how many calories are in some classic cocktails, based on recipes from popular bartender guides. If the liquor is poured with a heavy hand, as it often is, that can easily double or even triple the calories (as well as cause you to exceed the amount of alcohol you should consume in a day). Drinks also vary in calories depending on the recipe, as well as the type, brand, and alcohol content of the liquor used. Cocktails typically average about 40 to 60 calories per ounce.

You can also use the online calculator from the NIHto get an approximation of the number of alcohol calories you consume in a week. Note that the calculator is based on standard serving sizes, so you must adjust accordingly for larger or more potent drinks.

Cocktail Calories
Cosmopolitan, 2.75 oz. 145
Daiquiri, 2 oz. 110
Manhattan, 3.5 oz. 165
Margarita, 4 oz. 170
Martini, 2.25 oz. 125
Martini, extra dry, 2.25 oz. 140
Mojito, 6 oz. 145
Pia colada, 9 oz. 490
Whiskey sour, 3.5 oz. 160

And what about champagne? A 4-oz glass of bubbly comes in at just 84 calories.