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Each issue of Health After 50 is packed with the latest cutting-edge health news on both general health topics such as nutrition and weight control, and chronic illnesses such as COPD and dementia. Choose between Print, Digital, or Print + Digital and receive access to the full archives!

This is news you can use, both for yourself and the people you love.

Wellness Letter

The Wellness Letter delivers practical, evidence-based coverage of the news about preventive medicine, self-care, nutrition, fitness, and mental well-being in clear, engaging, easy-to-read language. Our editors at the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley constantly review the latest research to clarify often-conflicting and superficial media reports and give you the edge in your quest to live the best life you can.

Health After 50

Each issue of Health After 50 is filled with the latest cutting-edge news on general health topics (including nutrition and weight control) and chronic illnesses (such as COPD and dementia). Choose between Print, Digital, or Print + Digital with access to the archives! This is news you can use, both for yourself and for the people you love.