Prostate Disorders

Are Nutritional Supplements Beneficial for Men with Prostate Cancer?

Large clinical trials conducted over the past decade or two have not suggested that any particular nutritional supplement is beneficial for prostate cancer outcomes. In fact, there are data suggesting that the use of some supplements-if you get above a certain level of intake-can actually increase the risk of poor prostate cancer outcomes.

Why Your Doctor Might Order a Repeat Prostate Biopsy

Each year, about 1 million prostate biopsies are performed in the United States, and of those, about one in three are cancerous. Sometimes, however, a repeat biopsy might be necessary to help confirm or rule out a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Help for Incontinence After Prostate Cancer Surgery

Men who have undergone a radical prostatectomy to treat prostate cancer often leak urine during physical strain, such as coughing, sneezing, or lifting heavy objects. When bothersome incontinence persists, a variety of nonsurgical and surgical solutions can help.

Prostate Cancer and Shingles Risk

Older adults who are diagnosed with prostate and other cancers have a significantly higher risk of developing shingles (herpes zoster) than people the same age who don't have cancer, according to ...

What to Eat: Advice for Men with Prostate Cancer

Some prostate cancer experts recommend that men diagnosed with prostate cancer eat a plant-based diet. A lot of men might hear that and wonder if that means they need to become vegetarians or adopt a vegan diet. Do they?

How Prostate Cancer is Graded

Grading a cancer is a method doctors use to evaluate a patient's prognosis and determine the best management strategy.

Choosing a Prostate Cancer Treatment: Consider Multiple Medical Opinions

Thanks to reliable diagnostic tests and numerous treatment options now available, death rates from prostate cancer are on the decline. Nearly 100 percent of men are still alive five years after a prostate cancer diagnosis, 98 percent are alive 10 years after diagnosis, and about 96 percent are alive 15 years after diagnosis. But deciding which…

A Better Dosing Regimen for a Widely Prescribed Prostate Cancer Drug?

Taking a widely prescribed prostate cancer drug with a low-fat meal instead of on an empty stomach-the usual recommendation-can allow men to use a lower dose with no loss in effectiveness, a 2018 study in...

More Options for Nonmetastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Men whose prostate cancer has not spread to other sites in the body but who have rapidly rising PSA levels despite androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) now have two more treatment options.

Updated Exercise Advice for Men with Prostate Cancer

Not so long ago, some doctors discouraged men with prostate cancer from exercising. But that thinking has changed.