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Nutrition and Weight Control

A Healthy Diet May Overcome Genetic Propensity to Obesity

If you're at high genetic risk for obesity, take heart. A 2018 study in the journal BMJ suggests that a healthy diet can help you control your weight even more than it helps those at low genetic risk.

How Much Added Sugar Is Too Much?

We all know that sugar is a big factor in weight gain and obesity, but that's only the beginning, experts say; excess sugar consumption may contribute to a host of ills, from heart attacks to liver disease. But, how much added sugar is too much?

Another Reason to Cut Back on Meat?

For meat eaters, fat may not be the only concern. A large observational study of Seventh-Day Adventists showed that a high intake of protein from meat is associated with an increased risk of dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease-regardless of the fat content and other nutrients in the meat.

Why Weight Loss Plateaus and What to Do About It

Over time, a gradual slowing of weight loss-a plateau-occurs. But don't get discouraged, you can get past it.

Artificial Sweeteners for Weight Loss: Pros and Cons

Most of us know that we shouldn't be drinking sugar-sweetened sodas and juices, as they can pack on the pounds. But what about low-calorie sweetened beverages, which have been touted as good replacements?

Variety vs. Quality: Updated Advice on Optimal Eating

"Eat a varied diet" has long been a bedrock of mainstream dietary advice, here and around the world. But encouraging people to eat a wide variety of foods may backfire and lead to consumption of more food, especially unhealthy items, and to weight gain, according to a recent advisory from the American Heart Association(AHA).

A Hidden Benefit of Dieting?

Dieting during the holiday season can be tough going, with extra calories seeming to lurk around every corner. If you need some inspiration to stick with it, keep in mind that your efforts might not be a benefit only to you.

Buttermilk: Healthier Than It Sounds

Buttermilk's name is deceptive since it contains no butter and is typically low in fat. Preliminary research suggests that the drink may have modest heart benefits. What's more, some buttermilk may be better tolerated than regular milk by people who are lactose-intolerant.

6 Tips to Help You Snack Sensibly

Between meal snacking doesn't have to be a hindrance to your weight management efforts. It's what you snack on and how much of it you consume that counts. These 6 tips can help you avoid self-sabotage.

Peas: The New ‘It’ Food

Maybe Hans Christian Andersen was onto something when he put a lowly pea at the center of his fairy tale, "The Princess and the Pea. The food industry seems to be obsessed with peas, or at least their protein, which is being used in everything from veggie burgers, energy bars, and popcorn to yogurt and ice…