Knee Replacement: Will You Be Satisfied?

Total knee replacement sounds like a complete solution, similar to getting a new tire for your car. Unfortunately, surgeons can't yet make a knee ravaged by arthritis as good as new. And anyone contemplating total knee replacement, also known as total knee arthroplasty, should consider its potential risks and limitations in addition to its benefits.

Best Exercises for Painful Hands

Brushing your teeth, buttoning your shirt, opening a jar-these are routine daily activities that most people take for granted. But if you have arthritis and it affects your hands, performing these and other basic tasks can be challenging. Fortunately, exercising your hands can help reduce the pain, improve your range of motion, and ultimately, enable you…

How to Drive Comfortably-and Safely-with Arthritis

Pain, fatigue, reduced range of motion in the joints, loss of muscle strength-experiencing any one of these arthritis-related symptoms can make driving challenging.