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Beware of Stem-Cell Therapy for Lung Disorders

Ads that tout stem-cell therapy for COPD or other lung disorders are full of false promises. Beware: These unproven treatments can be ineffective or worse, dangerous.

High Protein Intake May Slow Bone Loss

Research suggests that a high protein intake may not be bad for your bones, after all.

Multinutrient Supplements for Major Depressive Disorder: Two Thumbs Down

Disappointing results from two studies that tested combinations of ingredients with purported antidepressive effects.

Can You Choose Active Surveillance? Tests to Help You Decide

New molecular tests can offer much-needed information for some men trying to decide whether to forgo immediate treatment and choose active surveillance instead.

Presenting Researchers with a New Way to Define Alzheimer’s Disease

It's been a game changer: Thanks to brain imaging advances scientists can safely measure deposits of the proteins beta-amyloid and tau in the brains of people while they are alive—not just during an autopsy after death. For now, this leap forward is for clinical researchers only. But that could change in the future.

Another Valve Problem: Mitral Valve Regurgitation

The aortic valve is the heart valve most likely to cause problems as we get older. But another valve, the mitral valve, can also cause trouble. For people in their 60s, the most common mitral valve problem is regurgitation.

How to Safely Dispose of Unused Medications

Once you stop taking medication, whether it’s because a product has been recalled, a drug has expired, or you no longer need the drug, what should you do with what’s left? Follow these tips for proper disposal.

Styes and Chalazia: How to Recognize and Treat Two Common Eyelid Disorders

Like many other parts of the body, eyelids can become irritated or infected. Here’s how to recognize two common eyelid disorders—styes and chalazia—and what to do if you develop one (or both) of them.

Certain Drugs for an Enlarged Prostate May Delay Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

A prostate cancer diagnosis may be delayed in men who use certain drugs for an enlarged prostate, according to a 2019 study in JAMA Internal Medicine. Here’s how your doctor can reduce that risk.

A Memory Supplement to Forget

You may have seen ads for the dietary supplement, Prevagen. According to the company that makes it, the supplement that has been “clinically shown” to improve memory and help prevent age-related cognitive decline. Unfortunately, those claims are not supported by solid clinical evidence.