The New 2019 Health & Wellness Engagement Calendar!

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A Handsome Desk Diary

From the Editors of

the University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter

The 2019 edition of The Health & Wellness Engagement Calendar desk diary is hot off the presses - and as a Health & Wellness Alerts subscriber we want you to be among the first to know.

Unlike other desk diaries, The Health & Wellness Engagement Calendar is dedicated to your personal health & wellness with advice about nutrition, exercise and emotional well-being to keep you in a positive frame of mind - plus articles, charts and other important health resources.

What could be a better way to promote health & wellness than in an appointment calendar? As you keep track of each week's appointments and events, you can learn how to safeguard and promote your health. The calendar's concise weekly articles deal with the key elements of wellness.

Designed with your convenience in mind. Each week is presented as a double-page spread, with lots of room to enter appointments and events. And each spread includes excerpts of articles from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter to help you maintain a positive, day-to-day approach to a healthy lifestyle.

The Health & Wellness Engagement Calendar measures 8" x 10", is hardbound in dark blue with gold printing and lies flat when opened.

Highlights of the 2019 edition includes:

  • More than 150 brief articles and "health & wellness tips" spread throughout the Engagement Calendar.

  • Guide to preventive care and screening tests. Advice to help you safeguard and promote your health, including a vaccinations checklist for adults and a chart of major screening tests. The chart explains who needs the tests ... how often ... and gives additional screening guidance.

  • Why do those "experts" keep changing their minds? A primer on how to read and assess the variety of health news as reported on TV and other media outlets. There's a lot of health information being published, much of it can be misconstrued and some is just plain wrong. It pays to keep your wits about you as you listen, watch and read. Here's help on what to look for in health reporting in order to assess how best to apply to your health.

  • Beyond Vitamins: The New Nutrition Revolution. An explanation of the health benefits phytochemicals can provide, including cancer prevention and how these "plant chemicals" help keep our cell chemistry stable. You'll find a chart of the foods where healthy phytochemicals can be found and the possible benefits of including these foods as a regular part of your diet.

  • An appendix of the Best of Wellness. Popular reports from the pages of the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: Guide to Better Sleep … Does Alcohol Deserve its Healthy Buzz? … Answering Your Questions About Immunity… Illustrated Guides to Strength Training and Stretching.

The Health & Wellness Engagement Calendar

The Health & Wellness Engagement Calendar is priced at just $16.95, plus shipping and handling (and sales tax where applicable). That's a 50% savings off the regular $34.95 price! Your order comes with a RISK-FREE guarantee: if you are not satisfied for any reason, return The Health & Wellness Engagement Calendar within 30 days and we will credit you with a refund.

In addition, we offer an automatic annual update service. Here's how it works: A card will be sent to you in advance. If you wish to examine the next year's The Health & Wellness Engagement Calendar, do nothing and it will arrive automatically with an invoice. If you don't wish to see the new The Health & Wellness Engagement Calendar, simply return the card within 30 days. You may notify us at any time if you don't want to continue in the program.

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