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2019 Arthritis White Paper [Digital Edition]


The more you know about arthritis, the more you will understand the rationale behind the treatment, and the better prepared you will be to participate in your own arthritis management.

That’s why the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health has engaged one of the leading arthritis experts to bring you the 2019 Arthritis White Paper.

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The Latest Treatments
To Help You Manage Your Arthritis

If you suffer from joint pain and stiffness, you are not alone. By age 50, almost every man and woman has occasionally experienced these symptoms. But if joint pain and stiffness persist, it could mean that you have arthritis.

The 2019 Arthritis White Paper
Digital Edition

When you have arthritis, each day brings new challenges. That’s just part of what makes it such a difficult disease to manage.

The way that you feel at any given time is going to be affected by your age, daily activities (including exercise) and other health issues-as well as by any prescribed drug treatments or over-the-counter remedies youre using.

Add to this the fact that there are more than 100 different conditions that fall under the heading of “Arthritis,” and you can see why it’s so difficult to get an accurate diagnosis, fine-tune your drug regimen and make sure you’re getting the latest and best treatment as your condition-and your options-change.

If you or someone you care about has arthritis, obtaining accurate information is an important part of the treatment plan. Contrary to ads for miracle cures and instant pain relievers that you may hear on the radio or TV, or see on the internet or in newspapers and magazines, arthritis treatment often involves trial and error to find the best combination of therapies and medications to relieve your symptoms.

One thing that people who successfully manage their arthritis have in common:

They keep themselves fully informed and updated about new developments in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis. They use this knowledge to work closely with their doctors to conquer pain, minimize restrictions and maintain a good quality of life.

The more you know about arthritis, the more you will understand the rationale behind the treatment, and the better prepared you will be to participate in your own arthritis management.

That’s why the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health has engaged one of America’s leading arthritis experts to bring you the 2019 Arthritis White Paper [Digital Edition]. You can count on us to provide you with medical information that is trustworthy, impeccably researched and current.

Introducing Your Arthritis Expert

John A. Flynn, M.D., M.B.A., M.Ed., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.R., is Professor of Medicine, Chief Physician, and Dean for Clinical Affairs at University of Chicago Medicine. He was formerly Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Clinical Practice Association, and Vice President of the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians. He was the Medical Director of the Spondyloarthritis Program and a founding member of the Johns Hopkins Primary Care Consortium.

Dr. Flynn received his M.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia and completed his internship and residency at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, followed by a fellowship in rheumatology. Dr. Flynn also completed his M.B.A. at Johns Hopkins University and his M.Ed. at the University of Cincinnati. He is board-certified in internal medicine and rheumatology and is a fellow with the American College of Rheumatology and the American College of Physicians. Dr. Flynn is a co-editor of the Oxford American Handbook of Clinical Medicine and Mosbys Guide to Physical Examination.

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What can you do to help your joints before it’s too late?

Among this year’s highlights:

  • Biologic meds for rheumatoid arthritis: Life-changing benefits- with some serious risks
  • Yoga for arthritis patients: Research finds multiple benefits for mind and body, if practiced safely
  • Treat to target for gout? Experts debate using increased drug doses to lower uric acid levels
  • Staying steady on your feet: The best strategies to prevent falls
  • New concerns over oral steroids: A recent study suggests even short-term use may pose some risks

And that’s just the beginning! The 2019 Arthritis White Paper [Digital Edition] lets you closely monitor the latest research and understand clearly what it can mean for you.

Arthritis is one of the most common chronic health problems in America, estimated to affect more than 1 in 4 adults.

If even one of the following articles describes your situation in any way, you owe yourself a risk-free look at the 2019 Arthritis White Paper [Digital Edition].

  • Dont let aches and pains get in the way of your workout
  • The best interventions for preventing falls
  • Ask the doctor: Should I have both knees replaced at the same time?
  • Yoga for arthritis: If practiced safely, it benefits your body and your mind
  • Ask the doctor: Why does it take so long to diagnose lupus?
  • If you have fibromyalgia, tai chi may be worth a try
  • How treated clothing can help prevent Lyme disease

Arthritis and your long-term well-being

Arthritis is a long-term condition that needs to be skillfully managed over time. But the good news is that we are learning more and more about arthritis and developing promising new treatments. The 2019 Arthritis White Paper [Digital Edition] offers new hope even to those of you who have suffered with arthritis for many years. Learn how to control your symptoms, and perhaps even slow the progression of the disease. And find out what side effects related to your arthritis medication you need to watch out for.

Highlights of the 2019 Arthritis White Paper [Digital Edition] include:

  • A discussion of the primary and secondary causes of osteoarthritis.
  • Up-to-date chart of commonly used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-including drug type, standard daily dosage, how to take, precautions, and common side effects.
  • An explanation of how rheumatoid arthritis affects your joints.
  • Arthritis self-management techniques.
  • List of arthritis health information organizations and support groups.
  • A chart of commonly used disease-modifying and other anti-rheumatic drugs.
  • A glossary of arthritis terminology. You and your doctor will communicate more clearly and you will understand more of what you read about the disease.

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Active Living with Arthritis

Healthy-joint secrets to keep you flexible and pain free

Active Living with Arthritis is our gift to you just for ordering the 2019 Arthritis White Paper [Digital Edition]. It’s packed with smart, simple arthritis pain relief tips that don’t require a prescription, don’t have harmful side effects and can be safely and easily incorporated into your arthritis treatment plan with noticeable results. You’ll discover:

  • Arthritis on the Go
    Tips for minimizing stiffness and pain, whether you’re traveling across the country or around the world.
  • Driving When You Have Arthritis
    Adaptive devices and modifications can make driving easier-and safer.
  • Your Daily Exercise “Prescription”
    Get stiff joints moving in a gentle, effective way.
  • Gadgets and Gizmos for Happier Hands
    20 gadgets and gizmos that take the pain and struggle out of buttons, cereal boxes, car door handles and other daily hurdles.

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What’s true? What’s wishful thinking?
What’s just advertising hoopla and hype?

How much do you really know about controlling arthritis symptoms? So much of what’s written in the popular press or advertised on radio and TV has very little to do with what doctors know works best.

TRUE OR FALSE: You’ve heard that distance runners are destined to develop osteoarthritis. Will years of pounding really wear out an athletic person’s joints?

TRUE OR FALSE: A naturally occurring compound called SAMe, found in all living cells, offers us an important new tool for controlling arthritis symptoms.

TRUE OR FALSE: Since rheumatoid arthritis “runs in the family,” it means that your children run a high risk of developing it if you have the genetic marker for the disease.

TRUE OR FALSE: Gout, often called “the disease of kings,” develops in everyone whose diet is rich in purines, which are found in alcohol and certain meats.

Surprise! The answer to each question is “FALSE.” Find out the truth, with the research behind it, when you order the 2019 Arthritis White Paper [Digital Edition].

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