5 Tips to Help You Stay on Track with Your Blood Pressure Meds


Like many people, you might forget to take your medications now and then. Or maybe you’ve stopped taking your blood pressure medication because of the cost, side effects, or your drug regimen’s complexity. Following are five strategies you can use to overcome some of the common obstacles you may face. You can implement some of these strategies on your own, but for other’s you’ll need your doctor’s help.

1. Remind yourself: Smartphones and desktop and tablet computers can be set to give you a daily reminder to take your pills. Even an “old-fashioned” pillbox or paper calendar to mark each time you take your pills can be helpful.

2. Test your blood pressure at home: Some studies suggest that people who check their blood pressure routinely at home are more likely to take their medications as directed. Ask your doctor to recommend a home blood pressure device.

3. If your medications are too expensive: Your doctor may be able to prescribe less costly or available generic alternatives.

4. If you feel overwhelmed by your drug regimen’s complexity: Your doctor may be able to prescribe combination pills with two or more of the drugs you take.

5. If you’re bothered by side effects: Tell your doctor, who can try lowering your dosages or work with you to find drugs with similar therapeutic effects that you can better tolerate.